Thursday, May 14, 2015

CraftMedley Cup Sequins in Rhythm 'n Blues

CraftMedley brand of cup sequins in Rhythm 'n Blues (GC457D) I picked up at Lost and More last week. As many of you know already, I can't pass up shiny objects and especially when they are packaged in color palates like this. I also brought home the purple mix, black/white, greens and metallics (please let me know if you'd like a closer look at each of those).
These are the exact robin's egg blue or if you'd prefer that perfect little box from Tiffany's 

A deep teal 

This color reminds me of the Versace dress Jennifer Lopes wore 

Seafoam on a stormy day 

Blue with a hint of Royal 

Powder or Baby blue, matte 

Holographic over darker blue 

Deep Royal blue

Each palate contains 8 different shades of one color or coordinating colors, total 16 grams of 6mm cup sequins. Want to see the others, just ask and I'll post close up photos of each palate.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day View From the Childless

Mother's Day is not an easy holiday for everyone to celebrate or even get through. For some it's the nagging reminder of what has been lost and sorely missed while for others it's another reminder of what might have been.

I happen to fall into the later category. I can certainly congratulate and appreciate my own Mom and the Mothers around me like my sister and my friends but there is always a little something missing. The missing part for me is the child I never had. It was not a conscious choice but rather the roll of the proverbial die. After nearly two decades of trying and not succeeding to the end, the 228 months of not-this-time has a way of wearing away at your resolve. 

Lots and More Haul

Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekly Food Roundup

Meatloaf stuffed full of veggies (carrots, onions, garlic) and ranch mashed potatoes (no butter or milk - I use sour cream instead) 

Calf liver and onions with crispy bacon, leftover mashed potatoes and roasted baby beets 

Polish 'post stickers' aka Pierogies with caramelized onions and cucumber salad 

Dessert one of the nights, a giant bowl of fresh fruit - loaded with berries, banana and cuties 

Lemons stuffed roasted chicken with zucchini, carrots and mushrooms on a bed of perfectly cooked quinoa (in a rice cooker!) and first corn of the season (not the tastiest) 
Lamb chops were on sale this week and we got a pack of two, seared quickly on each side and finished off in the over, side of rainbow coleslaw and a delicious mustard and cream pan sauce rounded out this weekday meal.

Monday, May 4, 2015

An Early Evening Photo Shoot at Henry Park

All these were taken with Nikon D3200, no filter, auto-focus on the evening of May 4th at Henry Park in Vernon, CT over 10 minutes as the sun was descending in the sky. I'll let them each speak for themselves. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sequin Storage 'Dresser' - Dollar Tree Pill Organizer

I picked up all three items for this project at Dollar Tree - Nail Polish remover (double duty - nails and removing printed text on pill organizer), Cotton Rounds and 7-Day Pill Organizer
Each Pill Container day is marked and has 4 compartments - Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and Bedtime. They snap open and are divided to keep things separated.
To remove the days of the week, I simply soak some Nail Polish remover on a cotton round and rub off the letters.

Easy peasy.
All 7 Days gone.
These loose sequin packs are also from Dollar Tree and are in small plastic baggies that are not always the easiest to reuse.

I emptied each of the colors into the little pill containers - each color took up half of one day. I was able to put up all but the metallic sequins. Those will probably be popped into friend mail since I'm not a fan of gold to begin with. 
Love they way they look and how easily accessible they are in the containers vs. little baggies. 

Two shades of purple. 

Sequin 'Dresser' all in the storage container.  To be perfectly honest, several of the compartments do not snap completely closed. Some of that was fixed when the lids were turned around but there were still a couple that just pop up a little. Once in the 'dresser' the little 'drawers' are all staying closed but might not be the best solution if you are traveling with these supplies.

How do you store your sequins?

Dollar Tree Finds

Cute purple gold foil stamped fan, just the perfect touch for a summer dinner party favor or to stash in your purse 

Americana duct tapes, there were several other patterns but I picked up just these two - Stars and Nautica 

Sequin strands in fuchsia, black and lime 

Blinged out compact (two mirrors) and a Kabuki brush that should have been left at the store because it's shedding already 

Loose sequins in 6 packs - Pinks/Purples, Metallics and Blue/Green. The crow in me would not allow me to walk away without taking some home

Marzetti Salad Accents - Orange Ginger with sesame sticks, wonton strips and almonds with orange ginger seasoning 
Marzetti Salad Accents - Cherry Walnut Crunch with dried cherries, walnuts and granola

Have you picked up any fun things at Dollar Tree recently?