Monday, October 4, 2010

October True Blood Tag Swap - CLOSED

Sign-up for TRUE BLOOD themed Tag swap will be open on a first come first bitten basis. If you love the show or Charlene Harris' Sookie Stackhouse book series, this is your chance to show your creativity.

Theme: True Blood (HBO Series)
Challenge: Incorporate a secondary background theme that represents Louisiana, Merlots, Fangtasia or Bon Tamps... the possibilities are endless.
Choices: Vamp, Shifter or Human

1. Natasha Z. Hensel - RECEIVED
2. Dana Keenan - RECEIVED
3. Trina Kison - RECEIVED
4. Michelle Merritt - RECEIVED
5. Mamie Lou Jeadon - RECEIVED


1. Natasha Z. Hensel - RECEIVED
2. Trina Kison - RECEIVED

1. Natasha Z. Hensel - RECEIVED
2. Dana Keenan - RECEIVED

Tags are due to me by October 31st. Return postage to be included with your completed tags. Please keep the tags to a reasonable size - minimum of 3 in x 5 in and maximum of 4 in x 7 in. International participants are welcome but will need to post their creations a week earlier - by October 24th.  To keep things fair, all tags received by November 5th will be distributed to participants.  If you know there will be a delay in delivering your creations, please contact me.

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