Tuesday, May 10, 2011

True Blood Tag Swap - CLOSED

Sign-up for TRUE BLOOD themed Tag swap will be open on a first come first bitten basis. If you love the show or Charlene Harris' Sookie Stackhouse book series, this is your chance to show your creativity.

Theme: True Blood (HBO Series) Make a tag highlighting what this show means for you - love, adventure, mystery, supernatural, whatever that might be.  Don't forget to keep the challenge below in mind when creating.
Challenge: Use #8 tags out of plastic, flashing, canvas, something other than manila paper... the possibilities are endless.

I created a Group on Facebook for us to keep in touch and ask questions:
True Blood Tag Swap June 2011

  1. Natasha - Enastasia - RECEIVED
  2. Amy - LovemyElla‬‏/Life as a Scrapbooker 
  3. Dana - dana1214 - RECEIVED
  4. Inieka - TheCoCoMartha - RECEIVED
  5. Julie - juliewalters74 - RECEIVED
  6. Sascha - rinifett
  7. Frances - MakeupAddict4eva - RECEIVED
  8. Carol - mypaperstash - RECEIVED
  9. Kimberly - FaerieTalesWithPaper - RECEIVED
  10. Stacie Ann - bitchycat1 - RECEIVED
  11. Liz - msliz729 - RECEIVED
  12. Cynthia - LadySwav
  13. Trina - Cherry Tink Ink AKA LifeIsScrapTastic
Please make 13 tags, keep one for yourself and mail me 12 completed tags.  Tags are due to me by June 18th, I want to return them to you before the 4th Season starts on the 26th. Return postage to be included with your completed tags. International participants are welcome but will need to post their creations a week earlier - by June 11th.  If you know there will be a delay in delivering your creations, please contact me.


  1. You know I have been waiting for this so Sign me up girlie :D


  2. I'm a huge fan of Charlaine Harris and TB! Would love to join the swap if you have a spot open? ~hugs, Kimberly

  3. I would love to join this swap! I can't wait for the new season! Please add me.

  4. I should have mentioned I do have a YouTube under FaerieTalesWithPaper as well. Thank you! :)

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  6. I was on the list prior to blogger having problems. I would still like to be in the swap.
    Carol mypaperstash@yahoo.com

  7. I was on the list as well. Guess Blogger has not been able to fix its errors. (FaerieTalesWithPaper on YouTube)

  8. Hey Natasha.. How many tags are we making?


  9. I'll be posting all the details on the 19th.
    :) Natasha

  10. OOOOO Love True Blood!!! Count me in LadySwav on youtube...

  11. I am happy to see you start up the True Blood swaps again!! WOO HOO :)
    I always had fun creating True Blood tags.

  12. I cant find the group on facebook... is it up yet??

  13. Cynthia, I think we need to be friends first then I can add you to the private group:

    :) Natasha

  14. Hi Natasha, I posted a comment the other day but dont see it now..... I just got my internet back and was wondering how to find you on facebook.... I think i found you but wanted to make sure first :) I have my tags mostly done and ill be mailing them soon... Al tho I need your address!!!

  15. Hey Natasha.. what is the status of this swap? :) Thanks girlie!

  16. Hey Natasha,
    I would love to join this swap if you do it again. Should be some good ones to do with the new season just starting. I will be stallking your blog.

  17. GREAT News, Post office located several packages in a bin that might be ours, I am going back in the morning to make sure they are all of the tags. A total of 18 packages, all posted on 7/25, have not reached their destinations. I will post an update tomorrow morning here on Facebook. Any package that did not already have a tracking number will get one and I will email those to you.


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