Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cricut Mini - SRP $119!

Cricut Mini™
Cricut Mini is a small, lightweight, ultra-portable way to make almost anything you want – out of many different types of materials, including thick and thin paper, fabric, vinyl, magnetic material, craft foil, and lots more. With Cricut Mini, it’s easier than ever to make projects and be more creative!
  • Small, portable, and lightweight for ultra space savings.
  • Works with any computer PC or MAC with a standard wireless or wired Internet connection.
  • Simply plug it in, turn it on, connect to Cricut Craft Room – the online design tool where you can see and design with every Cricut cartridge – and start making projects..
  • Cuts up to 8.5” x 12” paper and other materials. Cut small shapes and fonts from ¼” to larger cuts up to 11½”!


  1. HOW MUCH IS IT! I want one! Great for crops!

  2. I would love to have something like this, what a fabulous idea!!! Love it!! Do you know what the cost will be?


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