Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Funbits - Change, Who is it Good For?

YouTube Changes - Thumbs Down
  1. No visible way to erase/delete already viewed videos from your queue
  2. List of your Friends is no longer visible
Thumbs Up
  1. Easier one click to view videos in larger players (small, large or full screen)
  2. New Channel View Options for Features Tab - Creator, Blogger, Network or Everything. Partners with highsubscriber base will also see an additional option - Live Feed
  3. For now, you can still switch back to the old appearance under the Edit my Channel by clicking on Switch Back to Old Channel Design button
  4. Provide Feedback button, which appears in the lower right hand side in a blue button is a nice option but it is no longer visible for me after 2 days - it could mean I've sent in too many for Google's taste or more realisticly it only appears for a certain amount of time after switching to the new format.
I'll try to update both lists as I play around.  Feel free to post your likes & dislikes of the new YouTube in the comments.

:) Natasha

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