Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Funbits - Challenge Me

Challenges from Viewers:
  • Melody - Make a 3d Crown and use the little gems U have in front of u and make it like the one on the give away book. Big enough to wear.
  • Emjay - My challenge would be to alter something, which I have not seen you do but may have in your early video's. If so then take something which serves one purpose and change it to another.
  • D - Make a wedding layout include golden something in it plan it as you make it and finish it in 10 minutes
  • Lucinda - I would like to see you do a Golden Anniversary layout
  • Jo - I think it would be fun to challenge you to do a 12 x 12 page with as many layers as possible. 
  • Norma -  challenge you to do a coloring tutorial (copics or other medium), pick a color & do the whole thing with tones of said color
  • Marie - I would like to see you do a cigar box
  • Terri - a project (any will do) where the primary color is yellow. I'll throw you a bone and you can have the secondary color gray if you'd like (yellow and gray seems to be relatively popular).
  • Brenda - For the challenge, use your scraps and create a picture any size to frame for the wall.
  • Lovethatcat2 - Make something using alot of your smooches.


  1. Well I am disappointed, I thought you were going to show us how to use the beads you were playing with. I thought you were going to bling something up!! LOVE all of your videos!!

    1. Stephanie, lol someone has already challenged me to make a real size wearable crown and decorate it with these baubles.
      :) Natasha

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