Thursday, February 16, 2012

StampersBest Haul

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  1. Natasha, Wanted to let you know I received my red liner tape today thank you so much!
    Stampers best has so many great stamps. I would love to see how you color up the rusty truck one.
    I am just getting into copics if you go to the right now she is having an awesome sale on copics and free shipping on anything over 50.00. Thought I's pass it on in case you were in need of any colors.
    Also wouldn't it be awesome to have an Operation write home card drive on YPP? I bet a lot of the ladies would join and even if you only got a few ppl if they made a few cards each a month that would be a lot of cards. I know I would join in.
    OK I think this is long enough LOL.


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