Sunday, May 20, 2012

YouTube Subscription View Change May 2012

New View option now available for your Subscriptions
New View option allows you to choose what you want to see
- Highlights or Everything
Once you check one of the options, it will be saved for the next
time you log into/open YouTube
Show uploads only checkbox will either show you Uploads Only
when checked or when un-checked it will show all activity
from your 
Subscriptions - Likes, Favorites, Comments
as well as Uploads


  1. Do you know how to disable the recommendations? I only want to see subscription uploads on my homepage, I don't want to see any recommendations based on videos I have watched in the past. Its too cluttered now - I hate it!

  2. Mudya,
    Do you mean recommendations on the right hand side of your queue? If yes, there is no way to shut it off, at least at this time.
    :) Natasha

  3. shes talking about in the main sub bar they made it bigger and put all the reccomendations in it, clear your cache and you will see it, so fuckin annoying


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