Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Funbits - Requests - Card, Review & Tips


  1. As always I loved your Friday funbits thank you - Karen x

  2. Great tips and super card. Debbie

  3. Very help fun info. I love that you do all the testing and work out the kinks for us.

  4. hey i'm trying to dream up a way to turn toilet paper rolls into dress forms. what to play along? or just see my pict if i ever get it worked out. slow going so far but haven't given up yet. de

  5. want to play along? not what!! darn spell check. you can run with this if you want to or not.
    I love your videos from chickens to dogs to crafts to garden.
    really like this card. I have lots of wood box stamps i'd like to un-mount but i'm chicken to try. afraid of screwing them up.
    i don't have a dye cut mch but have 3 cricuts. do a talk about pro's and cons on these 2 items. i have so much invested in cricut can't see why to get big shot or another mch but i wonder if i should every time i see stuff made with them.
    just some topic ideas.

  6. One of my favourite cards as the image needs no further embellishing. Love anything cameo.


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