Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review - Inkadinkado Stamping Gear

Intro Set - 7 pieces retails for $14.99

Intro Set's 7 pieces

Packaging allowing you to see the details before purchase

Great looking packaging, allows you to velrco it open to see the details. Very interactive...until you have to open it at home.

Back of package with additional supplies available listed

Sample Stamping Effect

It would have been great if the already impressive packaging was easier to get into once purchased.  I suggest a tear away stips on both the stamps/instuctions section and where the cog and stamp paddle are attached.  This so far appears to be the one oversight on the part of Inkadinkado for this product.

What I liked:
  • Can be used with ink, paint, embossing ink (Versamark has enough work time to stamp and emboss)
  • Can use cling stamps from your existing collection - CAVEAT - they have to be at least 1/4 inch in thickness to work properly with the cog/stamp paddle configuration
  • Mix and match on colors and stamps in one design opens this technique up to practically endless possibilities
  • Virtually impossible to reproduce this technique free hand so having this system takes all the measuring out of the process - nice and simple
What I liked less:
  • Will not work with most clear stamps because they are thinner than 1/4 inch
  • No storage provided for the parts - it would have been nice even if they offered something as an add to store the bits and pieces, especially as you expand
  • Potential of the cog to move while stamping - a magnet set up similar to the 'Punch Anywhere' might have been an option - Inkadinkado - are you investigating that or was that already ruled out?
  • Possibly offer a 1/8 inch paddle base converter to allow the us of existing clear stamps. If they don't offer one, I think I'll just jimmy rig something to try it out.
I may add more to each of the lists above as I use this more.  Most likely, will be getting the circle and possibly the oval cog.


  1. thanks for this review, i was wondering how they were

    1. Jamie,
      I just picked up the larger set and will show that in a video and blog post as well.
      :) Natasha


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