Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cara Cara Oranges

Our household's newest obsession - Cara Cara Oranges!  They are juicy, sweet with a hint of tangy and are extremely satisfying.  Paulie and I are not the only ones who enjoy this treat.  Our white 'Chihuahua' Moses loves oranges, the mere mention of the fruit perks up his ears and starts his salivary glands going.  He had a taste of Mandarin oranges as a puppy and has always enjoyed all different types but the Cara Cara he will wake out of a deep sleep to beg for a piece.  I made a sandwich for lunch today with the intent of having a Cara Cara for dessert.  As soon as I stepped over to the fruit bowl in the kitchen, he started following me.  I did play a mean 'mommy' trick and did several things around the house before returning to my office but he was a step behind me the entire time.  I so hoped to get a good photo of him but in the blurry one below he resembles Cujo, I assure you that he is a very sweet dog.  Possibly fixated on the orange and my crappy camera did not focus in time but you get the idea.

Yes, that is a shoe box full of nail polishes on the floor next to him... mine, not his.

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