Monday, March 25, 2013

Chest of Drawers - LifeStyle Crafts

I made this set of drawers using the LifeStyle Crafts Drawer Box die, craft paper, red line tape and a small scrap of back report cover stock.  That's it!  The black labels can be written on with chalk pens so once the content is gone it can be reorganized for other craft supplies.  I am currently storing my wood vener shapes in each drawer.  The spool of thread in the center is from my grandmother's sewing basket - all the way from Odessa Ukraine.  I should really scan that label before it falls off and disappears.  This unit consists of 9 individual drawer boxes and is remarkably sturdy.  The possibilities are endless - cover with pattern or designer paper and you have an adorable keepsake!  I'm keeping mine utilitarian and my fave kraft and black combination.

Measurements: Each box is approximately 1 3/4 inches cubed (wide, high, deep).  I say approximately because paper does have a bit of give.  This overall unit is 5 inches high x 5 1/8 inches wide (see the drawers push out a bit at the sides).  I am building another unit for my Wild Orchid Crafts small embellishments so I can keep track of them individually with their code numbers for when I create project videos. 


  1. How wonderful! Love the black and Kraft combo! What are the dimensions of the drawers and unit? Hard to tell from the picture exactly! Great use of your supplies!

    1. Jill,
      I just updated my post to include the measurements. I'm really glad I picked up this die because now I can make storage for my small supplies to keep them at the ready and organized.
      :) Natasha


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