Thursday, April 4, 2013

BzzAgent - Garnier Olia Hair Coloring

This is the content of the packaging -  Applicator bottle, #1 Developer Tube, #2 Colorant, #3 Conditioner and instructions with a pair of black disposable gloves

I chose 6.60 Intense Auburn - a lovely shade of red

My Review:
  • The packaging is quite attractive
  • A larger size conditioner is a pleasant surprise
  • Instructions are flashy and contemporary in blacks, bright pinks and vivid yellows, easy to follow (if I read them...ha) even the diagrams have been updated to the time
  • No Ammonia
  • Develops in 30 minutes even on grey hair = BONUS
  • No scalp burning sensation
  • No nasty typical coloring smell, which is a good thing when you are surrounded by your own hair.  The smell is a pet peeve of mine that has always annoyed me the most of all the unpleasant things about home hair coloring.
  • Washing out the coloring did take longer than usual and felt somewhat greasy, not on your hands but the hair just felt like it was not getting rinsed effectively
  • The applicator bottle, although comfortable to hold while your hands are dry, became slippery if you get any coloring on it.  It would be better if there were grip ridges on at least a few spots on the bottle for safer gripping
  • The gloves did not fit me comfortably, my fingers were too long for the gloves and even with pretty short nails they did not hold up for the duration of the process.  In addition, the fact that they were just too small for me, made my hand cramp up a couple of times when squeezing the bottle to get the last bits out
  • Overall, I really liked this product.  I will see how it holds up to the fading that often happens to red hair color.

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