Wednesday, April 17, 2013

VEDA - Day 16

10 Things I LOVE*

  1.  Lilacs in the spring
  2. Paulie checking for me in the bed in the middle of the night (where does he think I'd go?)
  3. Smell of fresh paper
  4. White Tic Tac containers
  5. Bread Baking in the house
  6. Spring rain at night with the window open while you sleep
  7. Laughing out loud, a hearty laugh, the kind you think will make you pee a little or shoot out a tampon
  8. When I have made someone feel good - particularly giving presents and seeing the person's expression
  9. Sound of hubby's car pulling into the driveway
  10. YouTube Interaction
*Subject to change at anytime!  That's a girl's prerogative!


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