Sunday, April 21, 2013

VEDA - Day 20

To be honest, I almost didn't do a VEDA today for several reasons, none of which are very important but I stepped up and held up my promise.  I might have been in a crabby mood because I was sporting a headache and decided to make myself a couple of eggs.  So the following video is a quick glimpse into how I typically shot food snap shots.  I often get asked what I use and how I frame the photos.  Ideally, a photo box is the best thing to use but I tend to improvise with what I have at my disposal.  The fan/light above the stove is pretty versatile for me when I cook because it requires no additional setup.  The photo above is on my kitchen table with the overhead low energy lighting and nothing else special.  Only editing was a crop of the original image because I was using two cameras at the same time and did not effectively focus the image.
Have any questions?  Just ask and I will be happy to help with anything I can.


  1. Natasha, this was great food porn! your eggs with feta look so yummy! I had never heard of that "soaking" process but I'm going to keep it in mind! I love the salty taste of feta but know that it's better for us if we decrease sodium, so your ideas a good one! Those brownies seriously got my mouth watering....I think your videos may be dangerous to me :-)

    1. Penny,
      I have always enjoyed Feta but only after the hot soak I give it. Thank goodness, watching videos will not cut into your daily caloric count, otherwise none of us will ever be able to watch another food one again!
      :) Natasha


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