Sunday, April 28, 2013

VEDA - Day 28

 Bright orange yolks make these Deviled Eggs almost neon!

Brownie Cupcakes = no mess, no cutting and everyone gets the crispy 'corners' typically fought over


  1. Natasha,thank you for every VEDA Day video. Eventhough I don't like cooking so much, its a matter of necessity, I did download some of the recipes. I couldn't find the brownie recipe and wonder it you will share that. It would be nice if you continue VEDA Day till you run out of ideas. Again thanks.


    1. Judy,
      The brownie cupcakes are just a box mix that I bake in muffin liners instead of a flat pan. They have been a hit at every event I bring them to - no cutting because the portion is already determined and extra surface space allows for that popular crunchy edges.
      :) Natasha


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