Monday, May 6, 2013

Pure Backyard Chicken LOVE

 Here we come....
 Nugget proud of her beard
  Two by two...
  Tails in the air Ladies!
 Two Chickens DOWN, they love dropping and sunning themselves.
 Dust bath time....
 Omelet looks like she is about to dive into a pool with her talons on the edge of the raised bed
 Dust bath trio!
 I am really going to have to put fencing up in the raised beds, the Girls seem to be enjoying them a little too much!
 Nana Janet in the back looks a lot like a Raptor on the go...
 I just saw one, where did it go?
 I'm just gonna lay here till it's time to
 El Loco, is that one of ours... Nope she's one of those featherless chickens...
 Ooh, look a worm!
 Oh... looks like Mushka has put on a few ounces on her 4.5 lb frame, don't laugh, every ounce is noticeable at that size

 Nana Janet eyeballing Mushka....
 Hum, what is that?  Good thing we didn't step in it!
Princess Mushka at her cutest!

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