Monday, May 6, 2013

YouTube Earning - Noticible Changes

Last Year - First 5 Days in May
This Year - First 5 Days in May
As you can plainly see the primary difference is that in 2012 the number of views was more than triple of what this year is showing.  Much of that I think has to do with the way the queue of freshly uploaded videos is displayed when you log into YouTube.  I have always encouraged Subscribers to click on the Email with New Uploads selection in Manage My Subscriptions.  It's a shame when content is put out only to be lost in the shuffle of more recently uploaded videos.  I think the only way to level the playing field is to get email notices.  Another options is to make a selection in your settings to receive daily updates of all the videos uploaded from YouTubers you subscribe to.  There is a bit of a delay on this option, sometimes I notice that the videos are a day old when they are added to that email notice but even late is better than missing a video from one of your favorites all together.  

Since I am being so forthright and honest, you can see that the amount earned even prior to the recent changes were not enough for me to retire but everything helps - I often use the funds to pick up new products to review because nothing is sent to me for free, it all comes out of my pocket.  You can think of the earnings like a stipend, you watch, I earn and in turn I create more content for you to watch.  The Circle of Life!

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