Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 2 of Health Challenge

Before I forget, this is the centrifuge juicer I use.  It's from Amazon and cost me $22.15 after my rewards from the Amazon credit card.  No juice for me today but there is a very good reason why, and here it is:
I spent the afternoon in the local ER.  Last night I was not feeling 'great' so I went up to take a nap after work.  This morning I woke up crabby and practically bit my hubby's head off, not feeling good, upset tummy, nausea and an odd pain in my lower back.  I tried to tough it out initially, took a baby aspirin, when that did nothing I called in sick to work and took 2 tylenol PMs but that was even less effective.  I broke down and called my MIL who is a retired nurse and told her my symptoms - she told me to get my a** to the hospital.
Diagnosis - a 2 mm kidney stone!  Lucky me!  How ironic that something so tiny can cause so much pain and trauma when it's where it's not supposed to be!

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