Sunday, June 16, 2013

Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Tool Review

I was sent a Round 25 Shape Studio Tool from Epiphany Crafts for a test run and review.
Right out of the box, it's a simple place-punch-embellish in simple steps. In addition to the tool, a pack of round epoxy and bubble cap jewelry charm.  In video below, I share how simple (although much easier not having a camera on a tripod between your knees) it is to use this tool.  I created an elegant charm for my Filofax in coordinating colors.

There are 14 different shapes available at this time:

Shape Studio Round 14 (1/2 inch)
Shape Studio Round 25 (1 inch)
Shape Studio Heart 14 (1/2 inch)
Shape Studio Heart 25 (1 inch)
Shape Studio Oval 25 (1 inch)
Shape Studio Square 25 (1 inch)
Shape Studio Scalloped Circle 25 (1 inch)
Shape Studio Star 25 (1 inch)
Shape Studio Flower 25 (1 inch)
Shape Studio Pennant 25 (1 inch)
Button Studio Round 20 (3/4 inch)
Button Studio Round 14 (1/2 inch)
Button Studio Heart 20 (3/4 inch)
Button Studio Flower 20 (3/4 inch)

Would I recommend this tool, in one word, absolutely, and here is why:
  • Easy to use
  • 14 shapes to choose from including 4 buttons with functioning holes
  • All measuring is done for you with the coordinating size epoxy sheets
  • A wonderful way to make your own coordinating embellishments from scraps of paper
  • Jewelry embellishments make professional looking charmsPS 
  • Vintage settings also available in several colors to enhance the Round 14 epoxy elements
I would give this tool a 4.5 out of 5 stars.  The loss of half a star is only due to the size and weight of the tool as it applies to storage.

Thank you once again to Tricia for providing the demo tool and including the epoxy sheet as well as jewelry blanks for me to be able to do this review.

PS - it has been mentioned that the epoxy yellows over time, I am researching this issue and will follow up with Epiphany Crafts to see if the formula has been changed or if there are any precautions that users can take to avoid this issue.

I heard back from Epiphany Crafts regarding the yellowing some have reported. 

We use a special material that we import that reduces the chances of our epoxies yellowing, that's why they are a bit more expensive than normal epoxies. That being said they are still made of epoxy material which can naturally yellow over time. The best way to prevent that is by keeping them out of the heat and away from the sun. We guarantee our epoxies for a year and if anyone has a problem they can contact customer service for a replacement.

I am thankful for their prompt reply and hopefully this helps for anyone who has experienced this issue.
Round 14
Star 25

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