Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chinese on the Patio at My Parents

The humidity finally broke and we were able to enjoy a lovely dinner of Chinese on the deck at my parents house.  An array of various treats - steamed dumplings, pod Thai, moo shoo, hot & sour soup - all family style!  While Dad and Paulie went to pick up the food, I hung out in the pool and Mom was lounging in their perfectly quaffed backyard.  Sometimes you just need to unplug, relax and recharge!  Thanks Mom & Dad!


  1. sounds so lovely and relaxing, Natasha! I'm just a tad bit jealous! :-)

    1. Penny, it was lovely and I did a quick vlog about it too. We were too busy relaxing and eating to take any more photos but it was nice to unplug for the afternoon.
      :) Natasha


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