Monday, July 8, 2013

Tonight's Dinner - Meatless Monday Naked Pasta with Mushrooms and Truffle Toast

I really wanted to start test driving my new pan so this was what I found in the pantry

Tiny toasts from a French biguette, covered in Truffle butter and toasted butter side down in the pan.  The two tiny toast per person is just enough!
The mushrooms are seared perfectly, sea salt and cracked black pepper, a half of a spicy fresh pepper, zest of a lemon - that's it!
Linguine cooked el dante, added a splash of olive oil.  Ordinarily I add red pepper flakes but because I already added the minced hot pepper to the mushrooms, it was left out today.
A little grated parm and a bowl full of yummy goodness for #MeatlessMonday!

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