Sunday, July 14, 2013

Versafine - My Favorite Ink for Detail or Small Stamping

These are small cubes of VersaFine ink - an oil based pigment ink perfect for fine detail stamping or coloring once dry.  Dries instantly on matte surfaces.  The cubes are practical if you want to have an array of colors on hand.

Of course I also have a full size in Onyx Black with my favorite and practical flip lid.
This is a sample of the inks at almost full saturation on printer/scratch pad paper - vivid without being obnoxious/neon.
I grabbed a blank page from my Filofax to see how it holds up to this oil-based pigment ink
The stamped Congratulations is a tiny but detailed stamps that is clear and solid without any feathering or blotchiness.  I would highly recommend these inks in organizers - I would have also done a stamp sample on Cotton Cream but did not have any on hand.  If saturation is too much for you when using both sides of the paper, the best approach is to do second generation stamping - ink and stamp off on a scratch pad, then the second stamping on your organizer page.  The image is till clear but less saturated which should look better on the other side of the sheet.

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