Friday, August 30, 2013

Smart Battery Storage

Easy and Smart Battery Storage
  • I use a stainless tin to store the batteries, all with the + side up that does not touch the lid
  • Easy to keep all the various sizes in one place and avoids the digging in the bottom of the 'junk' drawer
  • Inside the lid I keep track of sizes that I am running low on, like AAA in this picture
  • I replace the batteries in smoke detectors twice a year - each time we change the clocks
  • I replace the batteries in all household remotes once a year
  • I always include batteries with gifts requiring batteries because it's just annoying not to be able to enjoy a new toy because you don't have the ability to power it up - especially kid's stuff
  • I only buy batteries when they are on sale and with coupons, NEVER when I 'need' them because I always have them on hand.
I hope this helps you plan to never be out when you need a battery.


  1. More organized than me keeping them in a zip lock bag. You can see right away what you have. :)

    1. Thank you Rita, I use these types of tins for a lot of household storage. In the bathroom, there are two - one with cotton swabs and another with tampons (a discreet way to keep my necessities within reach without advertising to guests what's in there).
      :) Natasha


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