Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tea & Oatmeal Storage Solution

Having tackled the kitchen counter and uncovering a stash of teas, I needed to find an easily accessible storage solution.  Who would have guessed that I would find just what I was looking for at Dollar Tree?  Three pack of plastic containers packaged together for a dollar was well worth a try and it worked out perfectly.  But why stop at only teas.... the following fit oatmeal like they were designed for the packets
Now all the oatmeal packets are separated by flavor, no more scrounging in a ziplock back, half asleep in the morning.  Plus when a basket is running low, I'll know to add that flavor to the shopping list.
Looking organized.  Now I need to pick up a couple of metal shelf helpers to maximize the cabinet interior space.


  1. I love seeing how people organize their stuff!! Good idea. :)

    1. Thank you Rita, this was a long time coming. I finally gave in and am in the process of reorganizing the entire house.
      :) Natasha

  2. I love your organizing skills. I would have never thought about the baskets for the teas and oatmeal. I need to do that as my counters and the cabinets are a mess. And jammed pack with stuff in them that needs organized. Thanks for the Tips!


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