Monday, November 11, 2013

NEW Rolaids - Review

Chewables available in 3 Strengths
  • Regular - available in
    150 count bottles in Mint or Fruit
    12 count rolls in Mint or Fruit
    3 roll packs in Mint or Fruit
    Liquid Bottles in Mint or Cherry
  • Extra - available in
    96 count bottles in Mint or Fruit
    10 count rolls in Mint or Fruit
    3 roll packs in Mint or Fruit
  • Ultra - available in
    72 count bottles in Mint or Fruit
  • Visit their site for additional details as well as $1 off coupon Rolaids
  • Video below


  1. I enjoyed your review but I wish you would have spent a little more time on what it was like to use the product. I purchased the extra strenght fruit tablets and found I was unable to chew them. You could break a tooth they were so hard. It would not dissolve even after 15 minutes in my mouth. After 15 minutes I was able to chew it but it was like chewing sand or limestone. It was like you described in the viseo pieces getting stuck in your teeth. Made me choke just to attempt to swallow the pieces. I believe the mint tablets might have been a little better than the fruit. The fruit tablets were not sweet but tasted like a slight fruit flavor coating on a rock. I checked out your video to see if any one else was having the same experience with this product. Thanks for posting your video.

  2. To be honest, I have not tried the fruit flavor but have encountered resistantly hard Rolaids in the past. Funny thing is that with the old formula I could tell just from looking at them if they were going to be to hard by any little nicks in the edge of the chewable. That is not possible with the new design/formula.
    :) Natasha


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