Saturday, November 9, 2013

Organizing My Nail Supplies - Dollar Tree

It was time! Digging through a plastic shoe box was getting annoying to say the least but when the cat knocked over the entire container and scattered the glass bottles across the floor, shooting them under the furniture - that's when you know it's time to organize the supplies.
The simplest way for me to organize the bottles is by like companies and heights so they can be stacked in the white long containers evenly.
Three of the white containers fit inside the larger clear one with enough room on the long side of them to place the Seche Vite large re-fill bottle and all my Nail Art brushes
The Dollar Tree containers even fit the weidth orientation too, another option
All the minis, Orly, OPI, Ulta, corralled in one container
I'm going to need a couple more - they come 3 to a pack for $1
These bottles are bottom 'heavy' so they will need their own tray.  They are from Five Below, 3 for $10 from what I remember.


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