Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today's To-Do List

  • Mix Chicken food for the week
  • Refill Dog Food
  • Refill Cat Food
  • Plan weekly Menu
  • Finish Grocery Shopping List
  • Prep Work Computer for Windows Update
  • Backup Personal Computer on External Drive - docs, pics, video, favorites
  • Start Planning 'Spring Cleaning' projects
  • Replace paper plates with Jadeite dinnerware
  • Make Appointment of Paulie with referral sergen
  • Inter Produce - Fruit & Veggies for the week
  • From Freezer to Fridge Proteins for the week
  • Organize Loose cables in toilet paper rolls
  • Start gathering recycling for Friday
  • Make arrangements for my in-office day on Friday
  • Call to confirm when Sunday paper delivery begins
  • Prep card bases (12, mixed colors - white, ivory, Kraft, black)
  • Prep card layouts for - Thank You, Birthdays, Anniversary, Sympathy, Valentine's Day (Masculine)

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