Sunday, April 27, 2014

Open Food Pantry Organization

I came across these food storage containers at #DollarTree today and could not wait to get home to start getting rid of all those open packages sitting with clips or pieces of tape across them. These are approximately 38 oz and are even recyclable, if you need to replace them. Screw top lids and grab holds on the back make them easy to stack. The 5 in the picture above are all items we use regularly, especially on #MeatlessMondays - lentils, corn meal, quinoa, sushi and risotto (arborio) rice 

Labeled, much more organized looking and now when I ask hubby to hand me something or on the off chance he chooses to cook with one of these on his own, they are identified specifically and I don't have to rely on his detective skills 

Sitting side by side is how I added the labels to keep them even across each of the jars 
I know, a bit OCD but looks neat and put together 

Now on to the tall containers, each holds approximately 57 oz of dried goods, a pour spout is ideal to use for leftover cereals and rice and grains that are from bulk packaging 

Each end is frosted, I chose to place the labels 

Directly below the lids to make it easier to keep consistent across all the containers 

Although the pour portion of the lid is slightly elevated, they actually stack one on top of another quite easily without sliding off, possibly because of the lid texture.
I am very happy with how these look and work together, now to empty out the cabinet where I'd like to store them for easy access.  I will share that in a separate post along with photos and video. Today's vlog has the steps above on video, if you'd like to check it out.
Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it and if you see a spelling error on any of my labels... I welcome the feedback.

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