Monday, June 16, 2014

Nature's Candy

While Paulie has been recovering in the hospital from a nasty leg infection, I have been cleaning out our kitchen of any food that just no longer fits into our life plan. For those of you who follow this blog or my YouTube channel already know that I try to cook fresh, local and nutritious but there are things that 'sneak' into the house without my knowledge. Mostly, these are impulse buys from Paulie but we've talked and are going to try something new. Not having any junk in the house would make it more complicated to eat - get into your car, drive to the store, pick out the nasty food, pay for it, drive back home - that's five steps in the way. If they are here already, it makes it too easy to make a bad choice. 

I am planning in introducing more local, very local, like from out garden food. If I cook better, use fresher and more vitamin packed food, we will be able to see results. The last four days that I've been cooking just for myself there hasn't been any animal protein but I will not push that with Paulie. He can make his own choice but I will be introducing even more raw veggies and loads of fruit. No more 'emergency' take out or 'I don't feel like cooking'. Planning ahead will help me stave off the lazies. On days I don't want to or can't cook because of work deadlines, we will be eating a large salad. I got an idea to plan lettuces in window boxes directly below the two windows on the same side of the house where the raised beds are located. This will encourage us to replant as we eat a batch, could not be any fresher. I'll pick up a seed packet at my local Agway tomorrow.

In addition to tossing bad for you food, I am also cleaning out our pantry in the mud room. So many things that are past their prime, shame, we never used them. No more stockpiling canned goods, we are not living in the middle of nowhere and can always go to the store. A strange habit we picked up many years ago but can absolutely break. Savings can only be realized if you buy something at a discount that you would have paid full price for and you use it before it expires. Otherwise it's just an exercise in futility.


  1. Good for you, you inspire again! I did the same thing when you bought your Nutri Bullet. Got rid of the junk and have a Nutri blast every morning and have lost 8 lbs in 4 weeks and it was EASY! Thanks Natasha!

    1. That's great! I am trying something new which will hopefully will yield results for both Paulie and me.
      :) Natasha


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