Saturday, August 30, 2014

Homemade Veggie Cream Cheese

Now doesn't this look better than anything out of a pre-packaged box?

I dried these red and yellow tomatoes and bell peppers in my dehydrator a few days ago 

Room temp whipped cream cheese

Tomato slices cut with scissors, easier than even the sharpest knife 

Dried onion 

Fresh Dill 

Green and Black/Purple bell pepper 

Whipped Cream Cheese 

All the veggies into the mix as well as fresh cracked black pepper and sea salt 

Mixed to perfection, placed back into the original cream cheese container and refrigerated. It will be perfect in a few hours or better yet tomorrow so the dried veggies will rehydrate to make them chewy instead of crunchy. Enjoy on a crispy thin bread, toasted bagel or with an addition of a cup of sour cream as a dip for crudite. No preservatives and the salt content is in your control.

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