Thursday, September 11, 2014

Simple Project Each Day in September - Day 8

In an attempt to catch up, life put creative things on hold for a few day, I am reexamining some of the clutter in my life that I do have control over - today it's Subscriptions and Auto Deliveries both email and snail mail.

  • Unsubscribe to all unnecessary/unwanted newsletters - so many are forced when you enter a contest or drawing that over time you'll find that you get emails that go mostly unread.  Why keep subscribed, click on that Unsubscribe at the end of the email message and I bet you over a course of a months you'll thin out all those auto deliveries and only keep those that will actually be read.
  • Remember to opt out of auto deliveries, check the fine print particularly in sweepstake entries (both email and Facebook) for a chance to not receive emails either from the company or worse - third party individuals.
  • As painful as it might have been, I am glad that I contacted the two local papers and asked them to stop sending us their weekly samples that were nothing more then filtered from the front door's mailbox directly into the recycler in the mud room to be hauled away every two weeks by the Waste Management to the sorting center. Talk about waste!
  • Keep an eye on sudden influx of advertising mail - we recently started receiving all sorts of letters on how a company can help us pay medical bills, which I deduced was due to Paulie's recent hospital stay and the hospital neglecting to accurately put in his insurance information which generated full bills. I even went as far as call the hospital and inquire how that's possible, obviously too much of a coincidence, but they were not able to tell me if they sell patient name/address information. This ticked me off and I'm still working on getting an acceptable answer so I'll keep you all posted here.
  • Speaking of unnecessary/unwanted paper, I really wish there was a way to only receive coupons on Sunday, not the entire paper or even all the circulars which for many stores are available online and for some even a few days ahead of start dates.
  • Sadly the only mailing we have absolutely no control over is Political in nature although this would be my first wish to change - I've even considered contacting each of these 'parties' and letting them  know that I can't vote hoping that would help plead my case to stop them arriving at our house. A work in progress.
These are a good start but by no means all that can be done, I will surely revisit this list to make additions and update on the work in progress points but it's a good start.

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