Saturday, September 6, 2014

Simple Project Each Day in September - Day 5

Today I'm organizing my seeds, keeping track of what was planted this past season along with comments and results so that next planting season I know which to re-plant vs. which to bypass entirely. I chose to use a star system with a key what each color means at the beginning of the booklet.
I started with a 4x6 pocket photo album from Dollar Tree, saved seed packets from this past growing season and some star stickers also from Dollar Tree (the key is shown below along with some extra stickers)
I'll add more photos tomorrow in natural light but one more project completed.


  1. Hi Natasha
    I love this idea for you. We have a wholesale flowering plant nursery here in Fl. son now owns it, but he likes us to help him a bit. I sow seeds, take cutting and plant....just when he needs me and sometimes he asks me to order seeds. I recently made a Garden Journal for me to keep myself organized at what I do at the nursery. I figure I can get a year with my journal. I also put photos of the flowers that we grow as they grow each season. I need to go down there today and take the fall mum pictures....he actually started selling them this past week....they are so pretty. I have to go back the 5 days on your project, which I haven't seen yet. Thanks for sharing this....great way to journal! Sharon

  2. I took one shelf of my bookcase and purged and organized. I know that is not much but at least it is one step in the right direction ;) Keep up the good work.


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