Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Perfect Birthday!

It's official, Google knows EVERYTHING! lol
My morning bath was enhanced by coffee, a fresh cheese pastry from Collette's around the corner and a couple of scratch tickets from hubby (I won $25!)
Once I was squeeky clean and dressed I got my card which made me snort and a new green pan to test drive on my YouTube channel (I love to cook if you hadn't noticed)
We packed the car, camera bag (#Nikon D3200), dogs, drinks and a great attitude and headed to Bigelow State Park in Union CT. Apparently, October 15th is Ladybug day, no doubt they were enjoying the 78° F weather and a light sprinkle before the cool of the pending fall/winter. 
Leaves changing color and a light breeze stilled enough for this mirror photo 
Have I ever mentioned how much I love moss? No, well I do.
I requested no cake, cupcakes or ice cream so I capped off the night after a beautiful day out with a Banana, Carrot, Orange & Peach drink which was pretty much perfect.
Thank you to everyone for the wonderfully heartwarming Birthday wishes on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It really was a PERFECT Birthday. Never stop celebrating each one, none of us are guaranteed another.

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