Friday, January 30, 2015

Pen Sets Collection for my Planner(s)

WOW, not sure if this is all of them or not but will be putting them to live together in one container so I can best use the one just right for the job or paper weight. 
Stack up nicely, lol 
Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens (7). Nice on heavier paper but bleeds through terribly on Filofax and 60 lb and lower weights. Review with paper samples.

Some of the least expensive of the bunch $1.49 or all 10. Not the most slick pens but absolute workhorses for the daily use particularly on write & toss adhesive paper or notepads. 
Glitter all the way - Atyou Spica add that little something. Juicy so not the ideal for double-sided writing but nice on card stock tab dividers for a little bling. I picked these up from
Frixion erasable pens*. I like using these for longer lists or journaling on blank pages to give myself some piece of mind in case I mess up. These are from Amazon.
*if you are using printed pages, any lines might be erased in the process of removing writing
Staedtler - my favorite, smooth, skip free, nice point, barrel is triangular so they won't roll off your desk if you take them out of the case (I tend to open it up and flip the cover backwards for easy access and prop up as show on the cover). Minimal bleed through, best results on lighter colors but that also depends on writing style. Some people tend to be 'heavy' handed vs. others have a 'lighter' stroke. 
I have had these for over 15 years, used them to correct homework (taught English as a Second Language) but apparently have forgotten about them in the back of my desk drawer. Time to use these up. Really like the 0.3 mm tip. Great for smaller spaces. I tend to compensate to the free space I have to write. Give me an entire page and I'll use broad strokes vs.  gum wrapper would yield tiny print.
Last but not least are a couple of Calligraphy sets, the ZIG (in the foreground) are Chalk for darker color paper or on Chalk labels, the smaller 3 pen set is from Y&C and are Chisel Tip in 2.0mm, 3.5mm & a whopping 5.0mm. These are by Yasumoto company and are made in Japan, distributed by Y&C. Also antient, from the back of my desk. Since I don't do Calligraphy that much unless requested by customers for invitations, these will last a while.

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