Saturday, March 7, 2015

How To Share a Video from a Starting Point

Have you ever wanted to share a video but only a part of it? There is an option to Start at a specific point, especially helpful if the video is packed with a variety of topics (like my vlogs are). Sample shown from yesterday's vlog that had at least 4 different topics covered including a share of what's inside the box of the new Vidal Sassoon 'Professional' color

Here are the easy steps:
  • Start the video you'd like to share
  • When it reaches the part you'd like to start sharing from, pause it, then click on the Share button/text below the video and click on the Start at button and either allow the time to be defaulted based on where you paused or type in the starting time (shown below)

    Before the checkbox is selected the URL is the direct and full link

    Once the checkbox is clicked, the URL now starts at the 10:24 mark
  • Click once on the URL window in the Share section and do copy/paste to share on Social Media
  • I separate my vlogs with text segments specifically to allow viewers to decide where they would like to start sharing
Easy peasy, right? It sure is and makes it simple to spread the word on even the longest and most varied videos. Do you see yourself using this little trick to share with friends something you enjoyed on YouTube?

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