Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekly Food Roundup

Meatloaf stuffed full of veggies (carrots, onions, garlic) and ranch mashed potatoes (no butter or milk - I use sour cream instead) 

Calf liver and onions with crispy bacon, leftover mashed potatoes and roasted baby beets 

Polish 'post stickers' aka Pierogies with caramelized onions and cucumber salad 

Dessert one of the nights, a giant bowl of fresh fruit - loaded with berries, banana and cuties 

Lemons stuffed roasted chicken with zucchini, carrots and mushrooms on a bed of perfectly cooked quinoa (in a rice cooker!) and first corn of the season (not the tastiest) 
Lamb chops were on sale this week and we got a pack of two, seared quickly on each side and finished off in the over, side of rainbow coleslaw and a delicious mustard and cream pan sauce rounded out this weekday meal.

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