Saturday, July 25, 2015

Recent Homecooked Meals

Easy and quick vegetarian quesadillas filled with fresh green beans from the garden, mushrooms and cheese served with lime sriracha crema and lime wedges. Perfect for #MeatlessMonday
Paulie wanted his quesadilla filled with scrambled eggs (whipped with sour cream) and spring onions from the garden, served with roasted garlic salsa
One of our favorites during the summer - cucumber, tomato and onion salad with red wine vinegar dressing and olive load from Coventry Farmers Market
Another fabulous #MeatlessMonday meal of #NakedPasta with Asian Mushrooms and fresh parsley
Cucumber, tomato and vidalia onion salad, can't get enough of this stuff. The dressing mixes with the dill and tomato juice for the perfect dunking medium ie the bread slice
Brats, hashbrowns and angry rainbow carrots served with whole grain mustard and salt free catsup 
Pasta a la Vodka with mushrooms and fresh basil chiffonade
Beef skewers over a brothy Asian veggie medley - Asian eggplant, carrots, baby bok choy and corn
Stuffed Mini peppers and summer salad - stuffing is organic brown basmati rice, shredded yellow squash, carrots, onions and broiled in the oven with cheese, topped with creme fresh and scallions
Steak and sunny side up eggs (I like mine with crispy whites and almost set up yolks) and #Panettone toast
#Leftovers night - stuffing from peppers earlier in the week doctored up with green chilies, roasted garlic salsa and made into #burritos with a squeeze of lemon

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  1. Natasha..beautiful meals!!! Love it!! You have the food super power!! I bet they were all tasty and good! Thanks for sharing!


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