Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fabulous Tuesday Morning Haul

I stopped in to a smoke shop to pick up some cigars for stocking stuffers and after went to the Tuesday Morning on the same plaza. I have not been there in nearly a year but a recent Haul video I saw on YouTube reminded me that it's a forgotten paper craft source. My first surprise was at the front door, the store is closing at the end of this month. Great, just when I rediscover them they are packing up and leaving. None the less I found some great deals and tools for new techniques I'll be trying this weekend. Check out the video, I ramble from the excitement of finding something I've never even heard of....scented Ranger Ink pads.  Oh how I wish for Willy Wanka Smellavision.  You will have to take my word or find some to smell in person.  I am thinking of trying them out and if I really like them, return to buy the rest before they pack the store next week.

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