Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am a DORK

I have been looking for my HD Flip for almost a month, ever since I got a new 66 inch tripod to improve my videos. Guess what? I just found it inside a bag of lost HAUL. How is it possible that things that I felt I could not live without enough to buy them ended up sitting for a month in a bag unopened and worse, not shared on YouTube? That's why I am a self professed DORK. I called my hubby to tell him that no; I do not need a 3rd Flip, just need to put my purchases away once I bring them home. That being said I found some items that will be used shortly in a project. The best part is that the last vid on the recovered Flip was of our darling Oreo...who is not with us anymore. Poor Samantha keeps looking for him all over the house... Stay tuned for a project post, albeit small (tag).

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