Thursday, February 10, 2011

Water Lilies with Triple Thick Glaze

I promised to show a little demo of Triple Thick Glaze by Deco Art, perfect for multiple applications on both hard and textured/pousus surfaces.  Plan ahead when using it, allow for 10-15 minutes between coats and a 24 hour complete cure time for a glass type effect without the cracking.

I used Wild Orchid Crafts Summer Petals in white and bright pink for the lillies and green hydrangia petals for the lily pads.  the Glaze comes in brush on tubs as well as spray applicators.
Painting Surfaces:

Papier mache
Painted china
Pre-primed metal
Artificial Flowers

Features and Advantages:
Goes on smoothly with no stroke marks
Finish adds the illusion of depth
Creates a glazed ceramic look
Finish resist cracking
Brushable product is non-toxic

Additional Decorating Ideas/Applications:
Ideal for holiday projects
Great for decoupage
Use on wreaths and floral arrangements
Apply with acrylic brush. Do not overwork. Let dry completely. Soap and water cleanup.

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