Wednesday, December 14, 2011

8 Crazy Nights of Hanukkah Projects - Day 6


  1. LUVvvvv...your creative and well explained projects! THNX! I AM going crazy trying to find the Cuttelbug alpha die set U used (is this also the one U used on the rossettes??) I've been wanting one this size and font type and saw you using THIS one. I have a larger one, but need a tiny one for tags, minis, cards & such. Do you have a source link and product #...WHEW! THNX HH ~Terry

  2. Terry,
    I am sorry, I don't recall the actual name of this set. I just know that scrubby came home with it from a consignment shop where he paid $2! Wait, if I did a video it would be there... let me check...
    Here you go:
    :) Natasha


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