Tuesday, March 6, 2012

By Request - Simple Cards

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  1. Love these beautiful cards. I am the worst card maker in the world but even I think I could manage these. Thanks for doing this tutorial Natasha, its helped me no end. For once I can actually say that I am able to get my hands on that black card stock you use. Ours comes from the Payper Box (I think thats the name) and its comes in the same size. They come to the craft fair near me in April and Nov and do a container that you can fill to the brim for £12 I think. So, I will be stocking up in April when I go to the craft fair. If you want Natasha, providing they are there this April, do you want me to get a container for you? Its usually around 200-250 sheets I think, which is a really great price for £12. Thing is it could be a bit expensive to post to you. Maybe it wouldnt make financial sense for you to buy it from here. But if you think its a good deal and want me to get you some of the card when Im there in April, you can email me on YouTube or at CraftyLoops@hotmail.co.uk. That elegance Recollection paper is beautiful. I wish we had Michael's here (bottom lip quivers, lol). Lee xx


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