Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weight, Weight - Do Tell Me - Brave Girl #2

'Bloody Mary' Juice
  • 2 med size tomatoes - try organic and vine ripened rather than the cardboard ones
  • 3 celery stalks
  • 2 cups baby spinach
  • 1/4 cup parsley
  • 1/2 a large cucumber <--- incredibly juicy (the cheaper 3 for a dollar one are actually better)
  • I use a bit of fresh cracked pepper but you can omit this entirely

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  1. I have battled with weight for 40 years and now I am finally seeing the light. I am 57yrs old and have lost now 30kgs (66lbs) and have still a long way to go but I am not giving up just learning how to be brave everyday. I totally understand and I am on the journey with you, never be ashamed of yourself Natasia you are a warm and caring person. I lost my weight by Weight Watchers and now it is normal way of life since I have been on it for nearly 3yrs now. It takes time but we will get there. Keep strong :)

  2. I too have also struggled with my weight since I was a kid. I am an odd shaped person LOL . big belly , skinny legs and arms with no butt to speak of cause its flat LOL . I am telly to make you laugh. I am 50 now and have a few things that bother me that make it hard to walk at times . I need to move my butt LOL. You are a great inspiration to me in many ways. so young but yet so smart and wise. even though you and I have never met I have liked you from the start. you have a great soul. I will keep watching and hopefully I will get the inspiration to loose my weight too. ( I have no idea what I am waiting for LOL) Big hugs to you Nat ( that's what I call my niece short for Natalie) love Jo

  3. I too am over weight, like I need to loose around 130lbs, or at least that would be a good start. I've tried a multitude of diets and not one of them ever made any sense to me about why I couldn't loose weight. I didn't ever loose much of any weight to speak of anyway. I felt like I was at a drastic point in my life, I'm turning 37 this month and I already have high boodpressure altho not too high. I wanted to do something to loose the weight before I have heart problems or diabeties,. I just want to loose the weight now before i get so far along that It's starting to kill me. I already suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue not to mention troubles with the feet. any way I was doing diets from my dr. and finally he said he thought I would be a good patient for gastric surgery to loose weight. I paniniced at first then I came home and talked to my husband and changed my mind. I wanted to do it right now tho and these things take time. THat was like last July. I go in for my surgery on April 18th and if there is anything you would like to know about what I have/ or am still going thou with this then please let me know. Here's my email just incase it doesn't show you I love you and have from the first time I found you on youtube. I think you are so brave for going in front of the camera and being so honest with yourself. it's not easy to do. I have a nutionist now and she has taught me alot about food and how to eat properly. please dont think that by me having surgery to loose weight that I've found some easy way out because it's not easy they make my work harder than I've ever worked in my life and after this surgery; that's when the real work will begin,. my surgery is called a sleeve gastrectomy if you want to look it up. I've learned alot of disipline thru this team of drs that i really just didn't think I had in me. stay strong and we'll be waiting and watching to see how you are doing. I wish you the best of luck sister. and Im always here if you need me. I don't work and usually get my gmail on my phone pretty quickly. so I'm here for you:)

  4. hi Natasha u asked me to remind u about the scrap challenge

  5. Hello!

    I too am struggling to lose weight and get healthy. I tried doing the raw food diet, but it was too much for me. I did buy a Vitamix on Craig's List and it may be something you want to consider. The reason I prefer it to a juicer is because the powerful motor breaks down all the plant fibres so that you can drink them instead of throwing them away; so good for the intestines, etc :)

    I was so proud of myself this week because I finally went to my second Zumba class in two years and it was so much fun. I'd had just a terribly busy day at work and really had a hard time talking myself into going to the class, but I knew that you and my sister were also working on these issues and I felt motivated to go and to work off the frustrations of the day.

    I came home and put a huge handful of swiss chard, pineapple, mango, juice of lime and some water. It only took 1 minute to pulverize those babies into a great big, yummy green smoothie.

    So glad you are courageous enough to share yourself with us; it makes a difference!

    luv Nancy


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