Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friday Funbits - More Q&A

Have a question for me?
Ask away and I'll answer as many as I can this Friday.

Here are the answers


  1. how did u start crafting ,cardmaking ect

  2. Hello, I was wondering when do you Ustream cause I never get a hold of you over there lol...only 2 times I think...Thank you in advance I love your blog :)

  3. other than copic, what are the best markers to use to color, i just can't afford copic markers and trying to find a good marker to use

  4. Question. Can you print from the kindle fire and is there so type of app in which you will be able to take pictures and store them on your kindle fire. Thank You

  5. I couldn't think of question but I love to hear different languages could you read or say something in Russian that's well known like the first paragraph of pride and prejudice or something?

  6. What Chipboard do you like to use on your cricut?

  7. I would love to know how you keep up your Mojo, cause whenever mine's gone I can always rely on you to get it back.Also, I would love it if you could tell how you pull your colour scheme together your colour's always look so good with your Projects. I do hope you get to these questions, but if not I will have to wait for the next session. I LOVE your Blog and am constantly on your You Tube Channel. Many Thanks. Beverley...xoxo

  8. Dear MsLizzGator,
    Most certainly I would wait for the professional Opinion of Natasha, but I had the same problem as you and I found my solution with
    the Spectrum Noir system these work beautifully for me. This is just my own humble Opinion. They also have Refill Inks and Replacement nibs but are a Fraction of the cost.


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