Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Door Plate & Knob Inspired by Tammy (sscrafter1)

Triple Medium weight chipboard, top covered in silver foil tape
Knob actually works/turns
Inspired by Tammy (sscrafter1)


  1. Love the door plate. My daughter is a "door" person and this will suite her to a "T". I have a few dies that will help me. I don't have that cute rectangle punch Tammy has .. Hummm gonna have to look for that.

    Thanks for all your info. Hugs, Joyce

  2. Joyce,
    I am sure you can figure out something else to use for the rectangle punch. Keep an eye out at tag sales for older office supplies - these used to be popular to mark a restaurant visit there is bound to be a bunch out there that no one knows what to do with.
    :) Natasha


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