Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Face

I snuck off to my Art Studio to play while hubby and most of the dogs went off to bed.  On low humidity days my hair behaves, like today.  Some days you just have to ham it up for the camera.


  1. We have the same hair. When it wants to it can be wonderful its all the 100's of days inbetween those great days that suck hahaha. Boing! Years and years and years of curls. "Oh your so lucky to have that curly hair" uh huh if you say so lol. Now as I get older I am starting to appreciate it a bit more but still its, I imagine, like owning a cat. It has a mind of its own and its not afraid to use it! HAHAHAHA

    Anyways great picture! For sure a keeper!

  2. Felicia,
    Thank you! I visited my brother-in-law in Florida in January and had a white afro most of our visit. Winter is much better for my hair. Ironically, my sister has straight hair and always wanted it curly... we always seem to want what we don't have.
    :) Natasha


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