Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review - A2 Brigth Red Envelopes from Staples

An order I recently placed on included a 'pack' of 50 Bright Red A2 size envelopes.  I wanted to pick them up to have on hand for my Holiday Card Series. The rest of the order arrived the day after, great turnaround times, but these were estimated to arrive in another 2 days.  I would have been perfectly happy to receive everything at the same time to save on the shipping (I paid nothing for shipping but the company had to pay twice because the order was split up into two boxes and I feel badly about that).  I would imagine keeping track of partially fulfilled orders is a 'special' kind of nightmare that they are not willing to address.

The information on the site for these was a bit brief and I relied on instinct. Bright Red A2 size and for 50 count it cost $14.99.  The price alone let me to expect that the quality would be good to very good but when they arrived.... well, they were really more like 'marginal'.  The color is fine, I actually like the semi-muted 'bright red'.  They are simply shrink wrapped and not the entire 50 count but rather two 25 count packs that were taped together with simple office tape.  The envelopes are extremely thin, no lining and not packing them in a box at $15 a pop was just plain cheap.  I have seen envelopes of this quality at the local Dollar Tree for a dollar.  I could have purchased 750 envelopes at the same price, not that I need quite that many but you get the point.

I am generally quite happy with my purchases from Staples so it is probably that much more disappointing that the cost of the item and the quality are so far apart.

I did submit a review for the site, direct but hopefully not rude.  We'll see if they approve it.

There you have it, the longest review of the simplest of products.  Just wanted to share.

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