Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chicken Egg Facts

I have been asked a lot of questions about chicken egg production, here are just a few facts/details.

  • Each mature Hen will lay an egg every 25-26 hours
  • Maturity for most is reached between 17-20 weeks
  • An egg can only be fertilized by a rooster in the first 15 minutes of the process during ovulation
  • Each Hen will lay the same color eggs her entire 'career'
  • The color of the skin on the Hen's ear and feet will tell you the color of the egg shell
  • Each Hen will take a 'day off' once a week from laying
  • Chickens do not ovulate after 3 pm, therefore producing the 'day off' in their schedule
  • You can feed your chickens safe foods to make the yolks a brighter color - marigolds are the number one additive although some people have added food coloring - 'Green Eggs' and ham type


I love comments and constructive critiques, just be kind, this is just for fun after all.