Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard Nemo Roof Damage

I was jarred out of a sound sleep this morning to this frightening image in our back yard.
The gutter ripped away from the house, probably due to the weight of the 36 inches of snow which is now hanging precariously on the edge.

Monday's forecast is RAIN... can we catch a break, please...

I know I should not have been standing directly below the overhang but I could not help myself, plus I wanted to document the damage for the Insurance Adjuster.


  1. Its surprising just how much damage snow can do, are you going to be able to take it off it doesn't look very safe if it gets windy.

  2. Oh you poor dear. Thank goodness for insurance. We had snow than rain but only 3 inch of snow. It rained all day yesterday. Now it is snowing again. Nothing like what you are getting. Stay safe!

  3. I’m just glad you had the chance to take a picture of it without getting hurt, Natasha! It’s no surprise that the weight of the snow ripped your gutter. Hope you’ll have it fixed soon, before it does more damage to your roofing system, and that no more blizzards – like Nemo – ever strike again!

    Richard Boles

  4. Natasha, that looks really awful! I hope the insurance covered the whole cost. I had the same experience last year, when I stayed with my Uncle for a couple of months, it was winter and the snow was really bad, it totally destroyed the gutter; thus, he paid a fortune to the gutter cleaning services just to have it fixed. But on the good side, his new gutter is strong enough to hold rain water and melted snow. :-) Hugh Dinatale

  5. Oh Natasha, that’s a heavy pile of snow right there! I hope you had it inspected by a professional roofer. You know, ice dams can cause serious and expensive damages, if you don’t take actions immediately. To avoid this from happening again, be sure to shovel the snow before gets piled up.

    Chantay Smithingell

  6. Hello, Natasha! How are you now? I heard from a forecast that spring is yet unpredictable this time. Keep safe. I just hope the weather will be soon favorable, and by that time, you could consult contractors and get your gutter fixed. Don’t hesitate to get professional help for roof maintenance and emergencies. :)
    <3Roslyn Petermann


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